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The Kairos HUN Team
The Kairos Society is growing, and we’re looking for young talents from startups and universities in Hungary to be part of our local Executive Board and support our global community of the world’s most disruptive young entrepreneurs working on impactful startups. We’re particularly interested in someone who is confident, capable and self­aware, can handle a fast paced and demanding environment and someone who can effectively communicate their thoughts, both orally and in writing. Someone who has demonstrated experience in entrepreneurship related environments like startups, VCs or organizations, who is proactive, always looking for forecasts of what’s coming and how to play offense, ready and open for picking up new ideas and working methods.

Must Haves
● English fluency (speaking, reading, and writing)
● Under 25
● Based in Budapest
● Interest in and experience with entrepreneurship and innovation

Nice to Haves
● Experience in event organization
● Startup experience

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